Mild custom with shaft drive, mono-shock frame that uses the engine as a stressed member. Poor handling above 70mph, inefficient front disc and quite heavy vibes when some wear gets into the motor. Engines eventually suffer clutch, camchain, alternator and starter faults, with more major problems, such as crank bearings, pistons and cams, after 50 thou. Some mildly used bikes did 80,000 miles before finally expiring and the odd one lingers on even today. YAM XV750/1100 VIRAGO ’90 on, 748/1100cc OHC v-twin 60hp 100mph 50mpg 490lb XV1100 has loads of stomping torque, the 750’s a bit too mild and heavy for most tastes. Engine’s tough and reliable, cycle parts go off after three or four British winters, and, at speed, the chassis has all the dynamics and sophistication of a camel dropping a load. However, ridden in a slow, laid back manner it has some of the charm of the smaller Harleys but, alas, none of their street credibility nor pulling power. XV750 rarer, the 1100’s the better buy.