Bigger versions of the Z900 which became a touch tamer, either ending up as tourers or modded into fast and furious scratchers. Handling and mass (550lbs) pose serious limitations on the latter but lack of classic status means prices are reasonable and still many on the road. Avoid Z1000ST; 600lbs of shaft driven madness doesn’t inspire. The Z1000 Mk.2 lost the classic lines but had more speed (140mph) and more mass (560lbs). Factor in the heavy consumable costs when considering purchase. KAWA Z1R/Z1100R 1980-84, 998/1098cc DOHC four, 90hp 140mph 40mpg 540/525lb Harder edged than the straight Z1000, the extra power taking its toll on engine reliability with clutch, gearbox and top end hassles after 40k. The heavier Z1R was a bit dangerous at speed whilst the Z1100R was the Lawson replica that needed lots of guts to ride fast. They can be modded into reasonable handlers but few seem to have survived ten years of abuse. Classic status, these days!