Compact, light thumper that hasn’t sold in huge numbers, so hard to find a nice one. Later models had tougher engines. Check piston and valves on high mileage motors (anything with more than 20k on it), plus all the chassis bearings, especially at the rear. Chassis can rot quickly if not kept clean. There’s a neat road bike trying to get out, but hardly worth the effort to find it. Some sustained very heavy crash damage in minor shunts. KAWA KLX250 93 on, 249cc w/c DOHC single, 30hp, 85mph, 55mpg, 285lbs Off-road thumper that inspires much madness when ridden on the tarmac. The high tech four valve engine’s its most impressive feature, the tubular chassis being strong but rather short and top heavy. Nothing taking three inches out of the suspension travel at each end wouldn’t cure.