Shadow’s extreme custom based on the VT500, which is at least tough and in this mild state full of torque. Handles okay up to 70mph and the finish lasts for a couple of British winters. Also Jap market 400cc version, some grey’s only has 30 horses, lacks the low end grunt of the 600. HONDA CBR600 1987 on, 598cc DOHC four, 80/95hp 140/150mph 50/45mpg Long time king of the 600’s, with excess power, excellent handling and good comfort. The suspension does go off quickly with age (an aftermarket shock’s a good idea) and the plastic cracks up (it’s difficult to put back on). Gearchange poor on earlier models or at high miles. Many were raced and wrecked, but most road bikes made it past 50k, many did 75k and a few a 100,000 miles. Wear can strike at any point in the engine (although the clutch does go if wheelies indulged and water pumps after 50k are a bit dubious) but lack of vibes, rattles and exhaust fumes are good signs. The later the model the faster and more powerful they became, latest bikes have alloy frames and even better motors.