Massive 1100cc vee-twin which develops all of 50hp at a mere 4500 revs whilst torque maxes out at an incredible 2500rpm! If you like Harleys there’s no reason why you won’t like this Honda; if you don’t then there’s probably not much reason to buy one. Nevertheless, they will turn up on the grey market. Engine begs to be placed in a proper chassis. HONDA ST1100 1990 on, 1100cc w/c v-4, 100hp 125mph 40mpg 600lb Civilised tourer that’s great on German autobahns, and the like, but a bit lost on UK back roads. Massive weight doesn’t faze the excess of torque from the vee-four motor but obviously limits the handling. Huge expanse of plastic gives unusual amount of rider protection but can be caught out by gale-force winds. Very tough and reliable motor allied to usual Honda sophistication makes some BMW Bricks look a bit sick. HONDA GL1000 1975-80, 999cc OHC w/c flat 4, 80hp 120mph 40mpg 600lb Reliable, durable, lowly tuned tourer, eventually suffers piston and clutch wear. Around 60,000 miles needs big-end and main bearing shells, water pump seal and head gaskets. Low centre of gravity makes it easier to handle than you might suspect but pushing them hard can end up in a ditch. Most rather tired out, now.