Incorrect valve adjustment led to early engine demise, needs special Honda tool. Complex engine’s a nightmare to work on and just about everything can go wrong after 30,000 miles. Later bikes, religiously and correctly maintained, could run to 50,000 miles without too much trauma. HONDA VFR750 1986 on, 748cc DOHC V-4, 100hp, 150mph, 45mpg, 450lbs Gear driven cams, at great expense, sorted out the VF’s top end problems but still complex and expensive to service. Many have run to 70,000 miles, a few went around the clock. Age ruins the gearbox, suspension and disc brakes. ’90 version had uprated suspension and more go but even heavier. ’93 model had chassis upgrade. ’98 bike had slight capacity increase and work over. HONDA 750C 1993 on, 748cc DOHC V-4, 75hp, 120mph, 45mpg, 500lbs An unlikely but amusing combination of a prettified VF750 engine in cruiser clothes. Long, heavy chassis with a seat height suited to midgets, or the Japanese home market, makes for some weirdness on UK roads. Lowly tuned and well developed motor’s unlikely to give much trouble, especially as the chassis limits thrashing. Single front disc hard pressed.