Now thankfully rare vee-four that has speed, smoothness, grunt and plain weirdness in its favour. Huge mass, remote and ponderous handling, quick wear back end and would be shrapnel gearbox are, of course, minor quibbles. Complex engine becomes dubious after 30k especially around the camchain(s) and valve area. Uses as a mild tourer. HONDA VF1000R 1984-86, 998cc DOHC w/c v-4, 130hp 150mph 35mpg 530lb The R was touted as the ultimate Honda – it was pricey enough at five grand in 1986! Its major claim to fame, other than the race replica styling, was gear driven sets of camshafts, later to turn up in the VFR750. Lacking a well developed chassis and burdened with an excess of mass, few people were convinced and not many were sold in the UK. Relatively cheap way to do 150mph but motor complex and expensive to repair.