Self-destructed in early models; same cam tensioner, valve, alternator and main bearing hassles at high miles. Some did 120,000 miles. 45k means camchain and water pump seal go, 5000 miles later valves can sink into heads. The gearbox, crank and rings often go at 70k. Collector box rots, oil filter bolt seizes and cosmetics decay. E model better but still has odd handling (Pro-link needs yearly strip). Avoid turbo version. HONDA VT500 1983-89, 490cc w/c OHC v-twin, 50hp, 110mph, 45mpg, 400lb Popular bike with DR’s – abused and neglected, the engine kept going for 50k when the lack of oil changes ruined the crank and top end. Milder use gives as much as 75k but look at clutch, camchain, brakes and oil level (can burn lubricant rapidly) Top heavy, poor steering lock and sluggish at speed – but can be forced into action without biting back. Expect all the chassis bearings to need replacing every 25k.