Clever engineering makes for a 900 four of low mass and high power, equals massive fun. Odd sixteen inch front wheel with quick wear tyre. Intrusive secondary vibes quite normal at some revs. Raced examples should be avoided unless you like replacing clutches and pistons. HONDA CBX1000 1978-84, 1048cc DOHC six, 100hp, 135mph, 35mpg, 600lbs Massive, amazing six cylinder engine runs reliably for the first 35 to 45000 miles. Then the 24 valves, camchains or cams give trouble… Reassembling the motor beyond most people’s ability, the usual result an engine that breaks camchains or burns out valves within hundreds rather than thousands of miles! Serious money should be limited to low mileage examples, preferably the naked, classical early models. Alternators, exh and coils suspect.