The first Honda twin to make it into the major league, the Dream remains sufficiently competent for use on modern roads. High revving nature can lead to overheating and ruined gearboxes at high mileages. Cam and piston wear also a problem on neglected examples. Handling loose and harsh by modern standards but easily upgraded, as are the marginal electrics. Silencers split near their mounts. HONDA CB250K 1968-74, 248cc OHC twin, 30/28hp, 100/90mph, 60mpg Honda have yet to make a better 250 twin than the early K1/2, at least in terms of performance. Later K3/4 models were detuned but could still suffer valve demise under a combination of throttle abuse and engine neglect. Carbs temperamental, rotting manifolds and diaphragms. Front forks can collapse around the bottom yokes, wheel bearings are weak and drum brakes can crack up…but only after more than 50k. Rough and ready by modern standards.