Rather bland twin based on the Superdream design but runs along okay, handles until the suspension wears out when it weaves (around 20k) and some have done 50k without breaking. Most needed a new camchain around 35k. If it vibrates harshly balancer needs attention. DR bikes usually trash the top ends, clutch and eventually the crankshaft whilst poor build quality can make them go off fast. Good ones getting rare. HONDA CB400T 1978-79, 395cc OHC twin, 43hp, 110mph, 50mpg, 390lbs Fast, odd handling, strange looking twin that has a nasty chain driven balancer system that’s difficult to adjust. Problems from camchain, clutch and gearbox. Whole bike self-destructed come 50,000 miles, many had serious engine problems at half that mileage. Front discs become dangerous with age and caliper rot means the only way to get them apart is with a sledge-hammer. Not many left on the road, thank god!