CD250 with more acceptable styling, which is okay as far as it goes but a bit of an insult to sixties Hondas. Nice and relaxed for town and country work, even amusing in these days of macho replicas, economy is also reasonable. New prices are over the top, as usual, and there aren’t many on the secondhand market. Thrashed engines have loose gearboxes and loud rattles. HONDA CB250RS 1980-84, 248cc OHC single, 26hp, 90mph, 60mpg, 300lbs Pleasant thumper when newish but ages badly, especially if ridden to its full potential. Most problems come from weak top end with piston, rings and camshaft bearings susceptible to demise at as little as 15k, especially if the gauze oil filter isn’t cleaned every 7500 miles. Chain driven balancer also troublesome. Electric start version strips its teeth. Base gasket cracks. Calipers quick rot. DR’s ruined most of them. HONDA CBX250 1984-86, 248cc DOHC single, 31hp, 100mph, 70mpg, 310lbs Rare upgrade to the RS with superior top and bottom ends, the engine lasts 30-45k. Top end most likely to give trouble, some bikes have alternator problems and eat cheap chains. Excellent chassis eventually suffers from gummed up front disc, shagged rear shocks and demise of all the chassis bearings but the good mixture of flickability, frugality and performance overwhelms such irritants.