Honda peaked in their small twin design with the CB200, merging reasonable speed, frugality and ride quality. The front disc brake was, and remains, something of a nightmare and many examples have rotted chassis that verge on the dangerous. High mileage equates to shot clutches, camshafts, tensioners and, ultimately, small end bearings. Any with less than 30 thou worth a look. HONDA CD200 1980-85, 194cc OHC twin, 16hp, 70mph, 100mpg, 290lbs Early versions afflicted with camchain problems, later Benly’s were tougher but slow. Weak handler flimsy back wheel, soft shocks, lacks ground clearance, etc. 12V version is preferable. Check out state of the spark plugs as cheap engine alloy strips threads and avoid bikes with excessive vibes. Poor running may be rusted tank. Many well rotted examples, easy to upgrade with better suspension.