Typical sixties period piece with hard charging vertical twin engine that made British 250’s look damn silly. Expires from ruined camshaft bearings, blown head gaskets (from too much torque on the bolts warping the head), burnt out valves or clutches. Sometimes runs flat out to 40k with just regular oil changes! HONDA CB125K 1970-72, 124cc OHC twin, 16hp, 80mph, 85mpg, 325lbs Tough, short stroke twin that can rev to eleven grand and run reliably to as much as 40,000 miles unless neglect of the camchain tensioner or valve clearances cause early demise. Also, the camshaft bearings can go, expensive as they are part of the cylinder head. If you are lucky enough to find one of these very rare bikes then chassis parts from the CB175/250K can be used to replace rotted originals (and do they rust!). Rare engine parts.