Quick Stats

1989-95, 599cc w/c DOHC four 90hp 140mph 45mpg 395lb

What to Expect

Excellent handling, more torque than rivals, weak, short-lived suspension and brakes. Uncomfortable, naff fairing. Discs, chassis bearings, electrics and plastic can decay rapidly. If the plastic vibrates it’s probably replica stuff fitted after a crash. Engine’s tough for 60k plus, clutch and gearbox go bad first. Noisy top end, smoky exhausts or bodged electrics will turn out expensive. Post ’94 bikes redesigned (100hp, 155mph, 45mpg, 420lb), handle superbly, more narrowly focused – motors in trouble from top end around 50k, clutch can be weak. Lots of bargains around but great variety of conditions for the same money! Some street fighters, look neat, but check for crash damage